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GreenVets, LLC has been fully verified by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. This is a very important distinction for GreenVets. The process to become verified by the VA is very long and difficult. It can take a year or more for most companies to navigate through this process. The majority owner of GreenVets, John Lawyer, is a 50% service-connected disabled veteran.
Verification by the VA is not the only way to be recognized by government contracting agencies and to qualify for government set asides designed to be bid out to SDVOSBs. It is important to keep in mind most non-VA verified SDVOSB’s are self-certified. With GreenVets, you can be assured of the honest and straightforward business practices within the SDVOSB realm. We are prepared to bid on set aside contracts within the intelligence, security, force protection and general contracting fields.


Texas HUB (Historically Underutilized Business)

A HUB is a business that is a legally recognized business organization under the laws of Texas. A HUB company must be at least 51 percent owned by one or more persons who are members of one of the following groups:

  • Service Disabled Veterans
  • African-Americans
  • Hispanic-Americans
  • Asian Pacific-Americans
  • Native-Americans
  • Women

The HUB owner must have a proportionate interest and demonstrate active participation
in the control, operation and management of the company’s affairs. A HUB also must have its principal place of business in Texas.

Why is HUB certification important to your state agency customers?

    • Agencies receive HUB credit for their expenditures with your business in their semi-annual
      and annual HUB reports.


    • An agency’s HUB participation helps to measure an agency’s good faith effort in the HUB program.


  • HUB certification tracks the success of minority businesses in doing business with the state.